Work tasks WP 3:

  • State-of-the-art (SOA) review of mitigation measures for groundwater problems, including grouting, freezing and infiltration.
  • New analysis method(s) and guidelines for assessing the vulnerability to drainage caused by excavation, for different ground conditions and different foundation types.
  • Necessary pre-investigations in bedrock for excavation pits (with, for instance, optical televiewer).
  • Pumping test(s) (in situ) for 1 or 2 deep excavations to evaluate the hydrogeological parameters and supporting
  • wall water tightness; assessment of whether or not the test can become standard practice for deep excavations.
  • Numerical modelling of drainage effects for two case studies, including sensitivity analyses, to evaluate uncertainties, limitations and reliability of models.
  • New guidelines for grouting procedures under low overburden pressures.