• Periode | 2019 - 2021
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  • Marked | GeoMiljø
  • Prosjektleder | Luca Piciullo
  • Klient | The Research Council of Norway - basic R&D funding
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Sustainable mine tailings

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Sustainable Mine Tailings is a project initiated by NGI, funded by the annual basic research funding from the Research Council of Norway, over a three year period, 2019 – 2021.

The project has a project manager and five work packages (WPs) with a designated WP leader. The project manager reports to a project steering committee which consists of a total of five people from NGI.



External Advisory Panel

The advisory panel consists of a selection of external professionals who will provide professional advice based on their own organization and experience. The panel should also convey the needs of users and other stakeholders, thus ensuring the relevance of the research. The panel will consist of international professionals and we will therefore not aim for many meeting/workshop where the panel is invited to NGI. Rather we consider using the panel as a web forum.


Structure and WPs of Sustainable Mine Tailings

See "Sub-project" for description of the different WP's.


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