NGI | On safe ground

We research and develop solutions for both industry and society, ensuring that we live, build and travel on safe ground.

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Building, construction and transportation

NGI is Norway's largest geotechnical centre of expertise. Research combined with consultancy provide a unique basis for delivering safe, ground-breaking and optimal solutions.

M | +47 901 87 535

Offshore energy

NGI is an internationally sought after geotechnical consultant for the offshore industry in connection with the development and operation of offshore fields.

Name | Karl Henrik Mokkelbost

M | +47 928 63 592

Natural hazards

NGI assesses the risk of landslides, rock fall and avalanches, and helps industry, the authorities, police and land owners manage acute situations and prepare protective and other risk-reducing measures.

Name | Anders Solheim

M | +47 416 53 697

Environmental engineering

NGI identifies solutions and assists the authorities and industry in the clean-up of contaminated soil, rocks, sediments and groundwater.

Name | Anne Kibsgaard

M | +47 975 06 437