Real-time monitoring

NGI offers the installation and operation of reliable sensor systems and the development of tailor-made solutions for automatic long-term monitoring of geotechnical, structural, or environmental parameters.

Increased urbanization, climate change, and the need for better safety and quality control make monitoring and instrumentation increasingly important. Having insight and control during the construction phase or in the operational lifetime of a structure and monitoring the surroundings is essential to avoid potential risks and damages.

NGI supplies instrumentation services with various types of sensors and logging systems. This includes everything from autonomous battery-powered systems to permanent systems for dynamic high-frequency monitoring.

The measurement systems are typically connected to local data loggers that transmit data wirelessly (via IoT modem, radio, 4G, or Wifi) or via fiber cable to our cloud-based solution (NGI GeoCloud), with the presentation of data available via our web-based platform "NGI Live."

An integrated system solution for transmitting, processing, storing, and presenting real-time data from various sensors and sources has proven very effective. This provides a thorough overview of measured data and offers new functionality and more innovative use of data in projects or activities where real-time data can contribute to better control and reduced risk.

NGI currently delivers real-time instrumentation services within various land-based market areas:

  • building, construction, and transportation infrastructure monitoring
  • environmental monitoring
  • landslides and natural hazards
  • structural health monitoring of buildings, dams, bridges, industry, etc.

At NGI, we want to contribute to challenging the boundaries of standard practice in the market by adopting new and known technology in new ways. We also actively contribute by supplying and developing measurement systems for research, development, and innovation projects. This means we must think anew and build new knowledge and experience to benefit society over time.

Portrait of Morten Saue

Morten Saue

Head of Section Instrumentation and Monitoring
+47 930 24 077