Invoice information Norway

Do you need to send us an invoice? You can find information below on how to do that.

Published 17.01.2023

EHF/Peppol Bis

Our preferred way of receiving invoices is on the EHF-format/Peppol Bis Billing 3.0. EHF ensures faster and more efficient processing of your invoices.

Electronic invoice address (EHF): 958254318

  • Please enter the purchaser's name in the field «Your reference.» 
  • In the event of reminders/debt recovery notifications, we ask that you refer to the original invoice and the purchaser's name.
  • Invoices not containing a correct reference will be returned with a message requesting that the reference be appended.

Invoice as email or PDF

We prefer to receive the invoice in EHF format, but you can also send an invoice as a PDF attachment in an email to

Company number

Our company number is 958 254 318 MVA