GeoHub cloud platform

GeoHub is NGI's cloud platform for digitizing geoscientific processes and data. The core of GeoHub is a modern data platform and several digital products that digitize the various steps in the geotechnical value chain.

Through GeoHub, we increase the quality and efficiency of work processes, achieve a higher degree of automation, enable new types of digital customer deliveries, and ensure well-structured, high-quality data that can be easily found and reused.

GeoHub is a modern cloud platform built on cloud-native and Microsoft Azure. The tools developed on the platform have web-based user interfaces, are built on microservices, and talk to each other through machine-readable interfaces (APIs).

The data stored in the platform have well-defined data models that enable retrieval and reuse over time. The platform has been developed based on several standard technical components and architecture choices, simplifying how the various solutions are built.

Example of solutions

  • digital platform for handling basic surveys - read more about Field Manager
  • IoT platform for monitoring critical infrastructure, read more about NGI Live
  • application for interpretation of the Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and shear strength
  • application for registration, georeferencing, and storage of metadata related to projects
  • map and search portal for finding and reusing data across disciplines and locations
  • solutions for planning and carrying out lab experiments
    - ordering and administration of lab experiments
    - implementation and processing of lab tests: advanced and index tests
    - storing and making available results and data from lab experiments
Portrait of Kristin Paulsen

Kristin Paulsen

Head of Section NGI Digital
+47 450 86 041