Demolition material handling

NGI works for circularity and sustainable mass handling in building and construction projects. Our advice and recommendations are rooted in research results from several projects and from large and small consulting projects.

NGI has extensive knowledge of materials, and our interdisciplinary expertise in environment, engineering geology, and geotechnics means we can offer a holistic assessment of geomaterials for different uses. We also have much expertise on risks associated with environmental toxins, which is also essential in assessing how surplus materials from the building and construction industry should be handled safely.

We also work a lot with environmental authorities. We have in-depth knowledge of the limitations and possibilities in Norwegian legislation related to mass handling, both within a measured area and when the masses become waste.

Portrait of Gøril Aasen Slinde

Gøril Aasen Slinde

Head of Section Sustainable Geosolutions
+47 416 98 983