NGI is launching a brand new digital platform that improves quality, interaction and efficiency in the work with geotechnical ground investigations

Ground investigations provide essential information about ground conditions and reduce costs and risks in construction and building projects. In recent years, NGI has increased its investment in digital innovation and has developed a cloud platform, Field Manager, to improve the work with basic surveys and associated data.


NGI and Cegal Partner to Advance Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies for a Net-Zero Emission Future

Norwegian tech company Cegal and Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) are proud to announce a strategic partnership to advance carbon capture and storage technologies to achieve a net-zero emission future. The partnership combines Cegal's proficiency in digital solutions and data management for the energy industry with NGI's geoscientific expertise.


The City Council of Oslo approves plan to build Campus Ullevaal

The new building complex will be a center for research and innovation on climate, energy, environment, and geosciences, with room for 1,500 jobs. Campus Ullevaal will be one of the first development projects in Norway's first innovation district, Oslo Science City.

Plastic art

Linking art and research to disseminate knowledge on plastic pollution

Every year, 230,000 tonnes of small plastic pellets end up in the ocean. Some of them have been washed ashore at Huk beach in Oslo. Now the plastic has become photo art and a part of NGI’s research – on how plastic pollution changes nature.


NGI-led EU project will digitize the mining industry and ensure increased sustainability

Europe has a growing need for critical raw materials and wants to be more self-sufficient regarding supply. But how to extract minerals in the most sustainable way possible? The recently funded innovation action DINAMINE will develop and showcase how innovative solutions and digital technology, such as robots, artificial intelligence, and automation, can make small and medium-sized mines more efficient and sustainable.