NGI's top management group consists of Managing Director and the directors for Strategic Development, Finance and operations, and the four market areas.

Published 03.02.2023

NGI's management group, from behind left: Lars Andresen - Managing Director, Thomas Langford - Director of Offshore Energy, Guro Grøneng - Director of Geotechnics and Environment, and Dominik Lang - Director of Natural Hazards. Sitting in front: Anne Kibsgaard - Director of Strategic Development, Cecilie Ertresvåg - Director of Finance and Operations, and Kristoffer Skjolden Skau -Director of GeoData and Technology

Portrait of Lars Andresen

Lars Andresen

Managing Director Administration staff
+47 922 99 863
Portrait of Thomas Langford

Thomas Langford

Director Offshore Energy
+47 478 95 755
Portrait of Guro Grøneng

Guro Grøneng

Director Geotechnics and Environment
+47 901 87 535
Portrait of Dominik Lang

Dominik Lang

Director Natural Hazards
+47 988 42 924
Portrait of Anne Kibsgaard

Anne Kibsgaard

Director Strategic Development
+47 975 06 437
Portrait of Kristoffer Skjolden Skau

Kristoffer Skjolden Skau

+47 970 66 188