Risk and vulnerability

Risk is an expression of the combination of the probability and the consequence of an event. Risk analysis is an effective tool for making objective decisions under uncertainty. Such analysis also makes it possible to manage the risk, for example, by taking measures that reduce vulnerability and thus also risk.

NGI's work related to risk takes place across a broad front, including

  • development of a new methodology for quantifying risk and the use of traditional methods for risk mapping
  • climate-related ROS for Norwegian municipalities
  • participation in large international research projects, as well as more minor issues in specific situations
  • risk analysis and proposals for risk-reducing measures

Examples of areas for risk assessment

  • natural hazards such as landslides, floods, tidal waves
  • geotechnical engineering on land and offshore
  • dam assessments
  • environmental engineering
  • climate change and impact on natural hazards
Portrait of Carl Bonnevie Harbitz

Carl Bonnevie Harbitz

Expert Adviser Climate Adaptation and Hydrodynamics
+47 922 39 636
Portrait of Håkon Heyerdahl

Håkon Heyerdahl

Head of Section Slope Stability and Risk Assessment
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