Flood and water run-off

Floods and challenges associated with water run-off threaten human life and assets worldwide. With increasingly wetter and wilder conditions caused by climate change, floods, water run-offs, and related challenges, such as landslides and erosion, will become even more significant.

Services related to floods and stormwater

  • identification of potentially exposed waterways
  • flood zone mapping
  • flood calculations
  • design of culvert/pipe solutions and security measures
  • erosion protection (both conventional and nature-based solutions)
  • instrumentation and monitoring; warning systems
  • analysis of regional and local effects of climate change, and in particular, how natural hazards and associated risks will change in the future
  • interdisciplinary research related to the effect water has on the risk of landslides and other types of natural hazards
  • consequence assessment of the effects of climate change on stormwater management and waterways
  • numerical modeling of flooding and mass transport
  • security measures against flooding

NGI has the expertise for an interdisciplinary approach to floods and water run-off, including related consequences.

Research and development

The research effort at NGI related to floods and stormwater covers:

  • effect of climate change
  • mass transport
  • erosion linked to floods
  • accompanying consequences of floods and stormwater