Environmental Geotechnics

Environmental geoengineering covers many environment-related issues that also require a geotechnical understanding and approach. At NGI, we combine geochemical, geotechnical, and hydrogeological expertise to solve such complex problems.

NGI helps customers solve waste-related social problems through environmental and geotechnical research and consultancy.

Typical projects that require an environmental, geotechnical assessment are the establishment and closure of landfills, treatment of contaminated land and prevention of spread, characterization of geomaterials and assessment of the possibility of reuse, and safe storage of mine tailings and radioactive waste.

For the construction and completion of a landfill, a geotechnical assessment of, for example, permeability, settlement properties and compaction, soil pressure, bearing capacity, and slope stability will be necessary.

Filling in the sea is another problem in environmental geotechnics, where NGI can contribute by assessing properties on the seabed, filling materials, and preventing the spread of possible pollution.

Environmental geoengineering requires a thorough understanding of the behavior of materials, both geotechnically and geochemically - in the short and long term - with robust solutions for a changing climate.

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Tone Ratcliffe Smaavik

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