Dams and deposits

Embankment dams consist of filled and compacted soil, gravel, or blasted rock used as water reservoirs for power generation. Landfills and deposits are filled tailings (residual waste) from mining activity or landfills of contaminated material or waste. Stability, permeability, and potential seepage or runoff are challenges associated with dams and deposits.

Dams and landfills must be placed, designed, and constructed following recognized principles, regulations, and methods. They must meet reasonable requirements related to permeability and control of seepage and run-off and with satisfactory safety to withstand loads and deformations that impact stability, serviceability, and durability.

The construction plan must assess and include the need for instrumentation and monitoring in the construction phase and during lifetime operation.

NGI has the expertise that assists authorities and businesses in developing and preparing sustainable solutions related to dams, landfills, and deposits.

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