Instrumentation and monitoring

Modern sensors and instruments monitor natural hazards such as landslides, buildings, infrastructure, and larger structures on land, offshore, underwater, and seabed.

Instrumentation and measurement techniques are increasingly used to monitor construction works, processes, and infrastructure during construction and operational phases, verify design and engineering, and detect incidents to reduce risk.

NGI has cutting-edge expertise in instrumentation, sensor technology, and underwater technology. Our ability to innovate, experience, and understand physical and mechanical processes help us see and foresee our client's challenges and thus optimally assist them.

Top expertise

  • instrumentation technology and choice of sensors and measurement methods to monitor physical and mechanical processes
  • development of measurement systems, data transfer, analysis, and presentation, as well as warning technology
  • knowledge of the behavior of geo- and building materials, natural hazards, pollution, and climate conditions
Portrait of Morten Saue

Morten Saue

Head of Section Instrumentation and Monitoring
+47 930 24 077
Portrait of Dyre Oliver Dammann

Dyre Oliver Dammann

Head of Section Remote Sensing and Geophysics
+47 930 10 310
Portrait of Stephen Hayes

Stephen Hayes

Head of Section Field Testing and Offshore Instrumentation
+47 934 10 760