What is it like to work as a geotechnical engineer?

I have exciting and educational tasks, both in the office and out in the field. What I particularly like about my profession is that we lay the foundations for everything to be built.

In this way, my job contributes to buildings, roads and bridges being safe. As an engineer, you can immerse yourself in several subject areas. What will you choose?

Name: Thea Lind Christiansen  Title: Project Engineer I   Education: Master (M.Sc.), Civil and Environmental Engineering with Geotechnics, NTNU

Why did I choose to become a geotechnical engineer?

There are several reasons why I specialized in geotechnics. The main reason was the lack of geotechnicians, and almost a job guarantee! Moreover, I like to ponder complicated issues where the answer is not necessarily given.

Geotechnics has countless variables that can affect what we work with. What we do is drawn into all possible projects, which provides a varied everyday life! At the same time, you are left feeling that what you do is important, which gives me great value!

Name: Martin Keiserås Haugen  Title: Project Engineer II   Education: Master (M.Sc.), Civil and Environmental Engineering with Geotechnics, NTNU

Why choose to become a geotechnical engineer?

By becoming a geotechnician, you can contribute to solving exciting problems. The tasks are varied, and it is possible to work on topics within natural hazards, transport, construction, offshore and much more!

I have a great deal of flexibility in my everyday working life, and manage myself even if I want to be in the office a lot or spend large parts of my working time out in the field.

Name: Marit Løyland   Title: Project engineer I   Education: Civil engineer in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Quaternary geology, hydrology and GIS

Since the variety in geography is so vast, you can decide what you want to work with. NGI is also a research institute, meaning there are good opportunities if you want to delve deeper into a topic.

I have had to work with everything from assessment of area stability and risk mapping for quick clay landslides, to flood risk assessments. The variety of tasks is what makes working at NGI so exciting.

Name: Ingar Haug Steinholt Title: Project engineer I Education: Master (M.Sc.), geohazards and geomechanics