Environment and contamination

Contaminated soil and sediment pose a risk of damage to our health and the external environment, making building and construction projects where contaminated masses have to be handled more expensive. There are strict requirements for investigation, characterization and disposal of contaminated land.

The soil on land and in sediments in the sea can be contaminated by both man-made environmental toxins or naturally occurring elements.

NGI's expertise

NGI has extensive experience and expertise in how to assess and deal with ground pollution

  • sampling and classification of soil, sediments, water, sludge, rock, and dust
  • follow-up of large building and construction projects
  • risk assessment, assessment of spread, measures, and monitoring

Commissioned by the Environment Society, NGI and NIVA have, for several years, arranged and held courses in risk assessment and sampling of contaminated soil and sediment.

Portrait of Paul Sverdrup Cappelen

Paul Sverdrup Cappelen

Operative Manager Geotechnics and Environment
+47 930 38 656
Portrait of Arne Pettersen

Arne Pettersen

Head of Section Environmental Chemistry
+47 909 25 252
Portrait of Gøril Aasen Slinde

Gøril Aasen Slinde

Head of Section Sustainable Geosolutions
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Portrait of Tone Ratcliffe Smaavik

Tone Ratcliffe Smaavik

Head of Section Onshore foundations
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Portrait of Arnstein Aarset

Arnstein Aarset

Head of Section Rock Engineering
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