Laboratory testing

Much of the factual basis for geotechnical evaluation and assessments comes from laboratory investigations on soil and rock samples retrieved from field investigations. The high quality of laboratory testing has made NGI's laboratory world-renowned.

NGI's laboratory area, associated workshops, and test hall for model tests total about 2,000 square meters. The laboratories are the cornerstones of our business and represent the starting point for many of NGI's areas of expertise. We have laboratories for

The laboratory conducts investigations for NGI's various activities and other companies following individual agreements.

Advanced lab expertise and large capacity

NGI's laboratories are characterized by

  • laboratory personnel with very high competence and extensive experience
  • capacity to perform a large number of high-quality tests within the agreed time frame

The results from laboratory tests are used to plan and design optimal foundation solutions, assess stability and landslide risk, and the behavior of reservoir and cap rocks in connection with storing CO2 in former oil and gas reservoirs.


NGI's laboratory is accredited by the Norwegian Accreditation following NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. The scope of accreditation can be seen here.

Portrait of Morten Andreas Sjursen

Morten Andreas Sjursen

Head of Section Geotechnical Testing
+47 476 00 553
Portrait of Magnus Soldal

Magnus Soldal

Head of Section Rock Mechanical and Geophysical Testing
+47 411 29 454
Portrait of Geir Wold Åsli

Geir Wold Åsli

Project Engineer I Geotechnical Testing
+47 926 98 432