Offshore development

NGI is an international leader in offshore geotechnics and a renowned advisor for the offshore industry related to field development and operations. The tasks include site investigations, foundation engineering solutions, geohazards assessment, CO2 storage etc.

We work with Norwegian and international energy companies and their subcontractors and develop foundation solutions for offshore wind power plants, among other things. NGI is very active in the development of offshore wind energy world wide, and works closely with leading international companies in this market.

NGI has led a number of international research programs for the offshore industry and collaborates with research institutions worldwide. Today, NGI is actively involved in the development of new and sustainable technology for the future, including safe techniques and methods for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Portrait of Thomas Langford

Thomas Langford

Director Offshore Energy
+47 478 95 755
Portrait of Victor Bjørn Smith

Victor Bjørn Smith

Senior Engineer Marine Geotechnics
+47 988 79 810
Portrait of Maarten Vanneste

Maarten Vanneste

Head of Section Geohazards and Dynamics
+47 472 70 861
Portrait of Sarah Elkhatib

Sarah Elkhatib

Principal Engineer Integrated Geotechnology
+47 41399260
Portrait of Ana Page

Ana Page

Head of Section Advanced Modelling
+47 406 98 328
Portrait of Catalina Maldonado

Catalina Maldonado

President NGI Houston
+1 713 454 3525
Portrait of Noel Boylan

Noel Boylan

Managing Director NGI Perth
+61 499 800 354