Natural hazards and climate change

Expertise in assessing risk, measures and assistance in relation to all kinds of landslides, tsunami, earthquakes etc. NGI is an active adviser to both the public and private sectors, landowners and others responsible for security.

Avalanche at our test station Ryggfonn in western Norway.  ( NGI)

NGI is Norway's foremost center of expertise related to geo-hazards such as:

  • Avalanche
  • Landslides
  • Rock slides
  • Tsunamis
  • Vibrations and earthquakes
  • Climate impact

and we use Geophysics, remote sensing and GIS (geographic information systems) as key tools in our work, including monitoring of settlement and deformations, and for mapping and surveying landslides and landslide prone areas.

The Planning and Building Act sets requirements for assessing natural damage in connection with all construction activity in Norway. NGI provides advice and guidance to builders and authorities in accordance with current legislation.

Our experts know local conditions in most landslide prone areas of the country and have access to vast amounts of experience data. We have mapped areas prone to landslides, as well as exposed areas for avalanches and rock slides in Norway. NGI has its own research station for avalanches at Mount Strynefjell, Fonnbu, and an office in Stryn. NGI is contacted to assist local authorities and provide security advice In most of the major and acute landslide and avalanche situations.

We assess avalanche danger and conduct snow avalanche warning for landowners and others responsible for security. The Norwegian Armed Forces uses NGI's avalanche expertise in NATO's winter exercises in Norway.

Portrait of Dominik Lang

Dominik Lang

Director Natural Hazards
+47 988 42 924
Portrait of Carl Bonnevie Harbitz

Carl Bonnevie Harbitz

Expert Adviser Climate Adaptation and Hydrodynamics
+47 922 39 636
Portrait of Heidi Hefre

Heidi Hefre

Head of Section Snow and Rock Hazards
+47 413 10 535
Portrait of Håkon Heyerdahl

Håkon Heyerdahl

Head of Section Slope Stability and Risk Assessment
+47 951 25 767