Digitalization and numerical analysis

NGI develops new digital solutions internally, for customers and clients, and through research projects. Numerical modelling and analysis are used to calculate how the ground's materials behave under loads from buildings and infrastructure or how a landslide can be initiated and spread over large areas.

NGI aims to take a leading role in the digitization of the geo industry. We have developers, product owners, infrastructure specialists and geotechnical resources who work together to deliver new solutions internally at NGI, out to customers and through research projects.

Through our solutions, we create increased competitiveness, customer value and new business opportunities - and contribute to ensuring we can build, live and travel safely.

Portrait of Kristin Paulsen

Kristin Paulsen

Head of Section NGI Digital
+47 450 86 041
Portrait of Ana Page

Ana Page

Head of Section Advanced Modelling
+47 406 98 328
Portrait of Noel Boylan

Noel Boylan

Managing Director NGI Perth
+61 499 800 354