NGI's specialist expertise

  • engineering properties of soil
  • optimum foundation engineering solutions for structures and buildings
  • ground reinforcement and support of construction pits

NGI is "centrally approved" by the Norwegian Building Authority as a "Responsible designer (RIG)" and "Responsible applicant" in project class 3 in accordance with the Norwegian Planning and Building Act.
NGI contributes with research and development and with engineering design and monitoring of groundworks. Among the essential geotechnical design tasks are choice of soil parameters, support of construction pits and choice of correct foundation solutions for soils and frozen ground.

NGI develops and administers advanced calculation programs for analysing the interaction between the soil and the construction. These analyses help to optimise construction, reduce costs and ensure successful completion.
NGI also carries out instrumentation and measurement of deformations and forces in support and bracing structures (sheet piling, diaphragm walls, retaining walls) in the construction phase. This instrumentation and monitoring contributes to verification of the design solution.

Research and development

Research efforts are currently focused on the following subjects:

  • ground improvement
  • dimensioning of piles and sheet piles
  • software development

Typical services for foundations on land

  • Feasibility studies and consequence studies for groundwork and foundation solutions.
  • Pre-project design, detailed engineering design and monitoring in the construction phase
  • Independent inspection of geotechnical design
  • Risk and vulnerability analyses
  • Damage assessment in connection with ground conditions and groundworks