• Period | 2019 - 2021
  • Country | Norway
  • Market | Offshore Energy
  • Project Manager | Hendrik Sturm
  • Partner | Equinor (project owner), NGI (project manager) and NTNU - dept. Marine Technoloy (project partner)
  • Client | Research Council of Norway - ENERGIX program
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RedWin 2

The project "RedWin 2 – REDucing cost of offshore WINd by integrated structural and geotechnical design" is an IPN research project funded under the ENERGIX program of the Research Council of Norway. The primary objective of RedWin 2 is to advance and merge engineering tools and methods, enabling designers of offshore wind turbine foundations to apply recent research and development results in design practice. This shall be achieved by developing a streamlined design workflow for optimization relevant for developers and designers of Offshore Wind Farms, both in Norway and internationally.

REDucing cost of offshore WINd
by integrated structural and geotechnical design

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In the last decade, offshore wind has become internationally a competitive and viable energy source, and is today an important export market for the Norwegian industry. This position has been achieved through successful adaption of established tools and methods developed for the oil and gas industry, as well as through complementary RCN-, EU-, and Industry-financed research and development projects where dedicated fit-for-purpose solutions were developed. Although all these achievements have been outstanding and important for the offshore wind industry, the consistent integration of these in offshore wind farm development projects has not yet been attempted.

The goal of RedWin 2 is to overcome this gap. The tools and solutions developed throughout numerous projects shall be developed further to standardized modules, which will then be integrated in a streamlined design workflow.

The scope of work of RedWin 2 includes:

  • Integration of geophysical, geotechnical, metocean and other relevant data for determination of the geotechnical and structural foundation design basis for all locations within an offshore wind farm,
  • Establishing simplified procedures for assessing the necessary input data for the foundation design in lieu of detailed information on site-, soil- and turbine properties and conditions,
  • Improvement of current methodologies for assessing the effect of cyclic loading on the ultimate capacity (ULS), serviceability (SLS), and stiffness and damping (FLS) calculations,
  • Generation of input data to foundation models to be used in integrated structural analyses,Optimization routines to reduce manual processes for determining foundation dimensions,
  • Establishing routines for documentation of design processes to ensure ease certification and approval.
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Research partners in RedWin 2 are Equinor, NTNU and NGI. The Research Council of Norway supports the project financially through the ENERGIX program.


The scope of work has been divided into relevant workpackages:

WP 2-5 are listed under Sub-projects (see link above).

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Publlications in the RedWin 2 project

  • Klinkvort, R.T., Sturm, H., Page, A., Zhang, Y. and Jostad, H.-P. (2020), A consistent rigorous and super-fast monopile design approach, ISFOG 2020 (conference article)
  • Klinkvort, R.T., Sauvin, G.; Forsberg, C.-F.; Vanneste, M. (2020) Quantitative integrated ground modelling from a geotechnical perspective, ISFOG 2020 (conference article)
  • Sivasithamparam, N. and Jostad, H.-P. (2020) An Efficient FEA tool for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations, ISFOG 2020 (conference article)
  • Skau, K.-S. (2019) Integrated Design, SMI 2019, Norway (conference presentation)
  • Sturm, H., and Støren, A. (2020), A Novel Small-Scale Model Testing Device for Laterally Loaded Piles, In J. Laue & T. Bansal (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th European Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (ECPMG 2020), September 7-8, 2020 Luleå, Sweden [and virtual] (pp. 83-88). Sweden: Luleå University of Technology
  • Sturm, H. (2019) Selection and design of foundations for offshore renewable energy, ISMEG 2019, China (conference presentation and article)
  • Sturm, H. and Johansson, J. (2020) Effect of Sea State Realizations on the Geotechnical Foundation Design for OWT Foundations, ISFOG 2020 (conference article)

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