• Period | 2016 - 2018
  • Country | Oslo, Norway
  • Market | Building, construction and transportation Offshore energy
  • Project Manager | Jean-Sébastien L'Heureux
  • Partner | NTNU, SINTEF, UNIS, SVV-Statens vegvesen
  • Client | Norges forskningsråd
R&D program|

NGTS - Norwegian Geo-Test Sites

The R&D Program Norwegian Geo-Test Sites – NGTS supported by The Research Council of Norway Infrastructure program, will establish five national test sites. The test sites will be located near Oslo and Trondheim and one on Svalbard.
Develop field laboratories for
testing, verification and control
of new methods and equipment
for site investigations and foundation engineering.

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The NGTS research consortium is led by NGI and includes NTNU, SINTEF/UNIS and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The test sites will be used as field laboratories for development, testing and verification of new innovative methods for site investigations and testing procedures. The five test sites have been chosen as representative for specific soil types which include:

  1. soft clay
  2. quick clay
  3. silt
  4. sand
  5. permafrost (frozen soil)

Due to the growing interest for construction and energy solutions in arctic conditions, one of the test sites will be established in permafrost, where soil sampling, in-situ testing and laboratory investigations of frozen soil material are very challenging.

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Test sites to Reference areas

At the end of the project period the test sites will be used as reference areas ("benchmark") which can be used by industry, federal and private developers, research institutes and academia. Data generated at the test sites will be available for use to develop and improve geotechnical and foundation engineering methods and advance the state-of-the-art expertise. The operating phase for the referance areas will be 20 years.

The research project Norwegian Geo-Test Sites (NGTS) will have a national character, with comprehensive cooperation between the Norwegian geotechnical engineering community. NGTS will also have wide and extended cooperation with leading international geotechnical expertise. Establishment of NGTS is necessary to be able to develop more cost effective and sustainable solutions for the building, construction  and transportation industries and the energy sector, and to reduce the risk caused by climate change, floods and landslides.

Infrastructures, such as bridges, harbours, roads, railways, drinking water and sewage facilities, pylons, pipelines etc. may collapse or fail due to extreme weather. Challenging soil conditions will often be the cause of deterioration of such infrastructures. Improved geotechnical knowledge and improved design criteria will contribute to reduce the steadily increasing maintenance costs.

For NGTS to succeed, it will require:

  • Investment in new sampling and field equipment
  • Thorough and comprehensive investigation and studies of material properties of the different soils
  • Development and testing of new and improved equipment
  • New testing prosedures.

International network

The research consortium will initiate an "International Geo-Test Sites Network", where Norwegian participants will get access to international test sites and quality controlled and assured data.Through the network and exchange of know-how, Norwegian participants will have access to first hand knowledge about equipment and new methods developed by leading international research centers.

Period |

Key information

  • Project start: June 2016
  • Host: NGI
  • Duration : 3 + 20 yrs
  • 5 Project partners: NGI, SVV (NPRA), NTNU, SINTEF and UNIS
  • Budget: 61 MNOK
    - 66 % from the Research Council of Norway (RCN)
    - 23 % from the institute sector
    - 11 % from the public sector
    - 3-4 PhD and 10 MSc.
    - 1-2 Post doc fellows
Prosj konsortium

Objective of the Project

The main objective is to develop five National Geo-Test Sites as field laboratory for testing and verifying innovative soil investigation and foundation methods.

With focus on

  • Soil investigation tools and methods: sampling, in situ testing and laboratory testing.
  • Testing of new and/or unique instrumentation/monitoring schemes.
  • Fundamental understanding of soil behavior and interpretation of soil parameters from laboratory and in situ tests.
  • Development of innovative and cost-effective foundation solutions for onshore and offshore Applications.

NGTS newsletter

Doctoral theses

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Diploma Thesis/MSc Theses

Scientific articles in refereed journals

Keynote papers and lectures

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Scientific refereed papers in conferences

Project reports

  • 20160154-04-R. 2016. Factual Report Halden NGTS. NGI, Oslo, Norway. (Will be completed in fall 2018.)
  • 20160154-05-R. 2016. Factual Report Øysand NGTS. NGI, Oslo, Norway. (Will be completed in fall 2018.)
  • 20160154-10-R. 2016. Factual Report Onsøy NGTS. NGI, Oslo, Norway.  (Will be completed in fall 2018.)

Lectures, courses, workshops and seminars

  • Carroll, R. and Paniagua-López, P. 2016. CPTU i silt. Geotekniske dimensjoneringsparametere, Norsk Geoteknisk Forening, 25-26 October, Sandefjord, Norway.
  • Degago, S.A. (2016) Ødometerforsøk for Geotekniske dimensjoneringsparametere. Norsk geoteknisk forening (NGF) Kurs. 25.-26. oktober 2016. Sandefjord.
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  • NGTS. Summary of the 1st International workshop 23.24 November 2016. NGI Oslo. Report no. 20160154-15-R
  • NGTS. Norwegian GeoTests Sites (NGTS) - Referanseområder for utvikling av innovative geotekniske løsninger. Workshop under Teknologidagene. Trondheim 25. oktober, Clarion Hotel og Congress

The 1st International Symposium on GeoTest sites (ISGTS) will be held on 12-14th June 2019 in Oslo.


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