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Ensures new railway is built on safe ground

One of the largest consulting assignments within transportation in Norway, the new Ringeriksbanen between Sandvika and Hønefoss, north-east of Oslo has been formalized. As a subcontractor, NGI will make sure that the project will be built on safe ground.


From acid river to happy salmon

The runoff from disused mines is often acidic with a high pollutant content. In Folldal, at the foot of the Rondane mountains, NGI is helping to find solutions that will bring salmon back to the river.


Shake, Rattle, and Roll

If you have ever slept near an airport, you will know what low-frequency noise means. Not only are you woken by audible noise from planes taking off, but it also feels like the walls and everything in the room are starting to shake.  Specialists at NGI have been looking into how vibrations occur and how they can be reduced.


Hundreds of millions can be saved on building projects

Building projects frequently involve large, complex excavations that can result in subsequent settlement damage to neighbouring buildings. Damage, disputes and lawsuits in connection with building and construction cost the society billions every year. 


Hooked on speed, medals and winning

Emma Pooley is a world class Triathlete and professional cyclist. When she is not training or competing around the World, Emma works as a consultant for NGI, and rarely says no to a decent cup of tea!


NGI to install wind turbine foundations for DONG

NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute) and DONG Energy Wind Power recently signed a contract for installation of 20 offshore wind turbine bucket foundations, called Suction Bucket Jackets. The turbines will be placed at the offshore wind farm Borkum Riffgrund 2 in the German sector of the North Sea. Subcontractor to NGI will be the Norwegian firm FRAMO.


Hot springs, Yaks and heavenly peaks

The inhabitants of the north-western Himalayan region have to live with winter temperatures of more than 20 degrees below zero, without electricity or access to wood for fuel. At the same time, the whole area has abundant geothermal springs, with water at temperatures above 85 degrees Celsius gushing up from the bedrock. NGI is helping to bring heating to the population in the mountains on the border of Tibet. 


Cleaning up Horten Inner Harbour

Large-scale actions are planned for a cleaner inner harbour basin, for the benefit of the extensive protected Natural resorts, outdoor activities and the residents of Horten. 


Offshore wind is the new black

Production of renewable energy increases every year. Investments in offshore wind energy are an important move towards a future without fossil energy. However, costs must be reduced for offshore energy to be competitive.


Groundbreaking work 150 meters below sea level

In 1945 during the last days of the Second World War, the British Royal Navy torpedoed and sunk the German U-864 submarine just north of the Norwegian city of Bergen. Nearly 30,000 square metres of the seabed surrounding the submarine is now contaminated by mercury. 



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