TIGHT is funded through the Research Council of Norway as a KPN (Competence Project for Business) within the BIA program (User-driven Innovation Arena), and has a total budget of about NOK 17 million. SINTEF is the project owner and contract partner with the Research Council of Norway.

NGI is a key contributor to the TIGHT project. SINTEF is the project manager and carries out the research in collaboration with NGI and NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Industry partners involved in the project are; Normet Norge AS, GMA, BASF Norge AS, Rescon Mapei AS, Andersen Mek. Verksted AS, Bever Control, LNS AS, Veidekke ASA and GeoVita AS. SVV and JBV will be active partners in the project as public developers.

NGI leads several of the activities in TIGHT, which is organized in work packages:

Work package 3: Understanding the injection mass
NGI and SINTEF have shared the work of performing laboratory tests on commonly used injection cements in Norway.

Work package 5: Injection connected with rock mechanics
NGI has developed a numerical model for injection modeling based on real injection data.

Work package 7: Full-scale testing during injection
NGI has collected data from practical injection in the field, where injection holes were instrumented with pressure gauges that performed continuous measurement of pressure throughout the injection process. Tests were also performed with injection of water and a borehole camera was used. During this work, hydraulic jacking during the injection process was thoroughly documented.

Work package 8: Monitoring
NGI has conducted investigations with "ground penetration radar", GPR (Electromagnetism) in the rock after injection. The work has shown that it is possible to identify aquifers and injected cracks with GPR.

For moore information about the project, see TIGHT's own web-page.

Oppstart TIGHT prosjektgruppen i NGIs lab 600

The TIGHT-team in NGI's laboratory in Oslo in connection with start-up of the project in 2017.