The methodology is at an general level for obtaining an overall overview, and has not been developed to assess individual objects or whether it is socially rational to implement all these security measures. There has previously been no such overall presentation, and it is NVE's plan that the methodology will be used and further developed in the years ahead.

Enormous costs

The analysis shows that it will cost around NOK 85 billion if all buildings in Norway that are exposed to landslides in steep terrain, floods, erosion and quick clay landslides are to be secured to the same level as the requirements for new buildings (TEK17). These figures are presented in the report, broken down by county level and by flood / erosion and landslides.

There is considerable uncertainty about the figures, the lowest estimate of the total is NOK 50 billion, while the highest estimate is NOK 120 billion.

The full report from the project can be read here. (Norwegian text only)