OSL has many environmental challenges in its regular operation. In particular there are two areas polluted with PFAS (poly- and per-fluorinated alkyl substances) originating from fire fighting foam. Such substances have high potential for bioaccumulation and are very resistant to chemical and biological degradation. One of these localities is the fire fighting  training site at OSL, where fire fighting foam containing PFAS was used for many years. The other location is a rock fill storage facility which became polluted in conjunction with a mishap. The Norwegian Environment Agency has issued formal notice for remedial action at both localities.

Remedial actions

NGI combines R&D and consulting, and close contact and cooperation with the environmental authorities, in order to assist OSL with their environmental challenges. Laboratory tests on stabilizing and leaching of soil polluted with PFAS have been conducted. In 2016 field tests were also initiated, which were combined with existing local treatment facilities. In dialog with the Norwegian Environment Agency, OSL is planning remedial actions.

Promising results

The laboratory tests show promising results and will be tested in the field in 2016. Evaluation of the effect of the different remedial actions on PFAS polluted soil is done continuously. The results are published in scientific journals and may come to valuable use in other localities polluted by PFAS, both in Norway and abroad.

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