• Period | 2022 -
  • Market | Natural Hazards
  • Project Manager | Jean-Sébastien L'Heureux
  • Client | The Research Council of Norway
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International Quick Clay Center

The Quick Clay Center has the aim to create an international arena to boost competence on sensitive clays. The center is facilitated by NGI and will be partly supported through the base funding (Grunnbevilgning) NGI receives from the Research Council of Norway.

Boost competence on sensitive clays

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The center’s aims and goals

  • The center’s aim is to ensure safe communities, safe infrastructure and to protect the environment and eco-systems when building, living, commuting, and farming over quick clay, through:
  • Contributing to a safer and more robust society facing climate change
  • Providing an open arena for the geotechnical community
  • Boosting collaboration, discuss and develop opportunities between the industry, authorities, and the R&D sector in an openly fashion
  • Educating and promoting the next generation(s) of geotechnical experts

The center’s technical fields of activities

International Quick Clay Center WPs

The center’s side activities – Your benefits

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Examples of ongoing activities at NGI

  • NGI-GBV – Coupled failure and runout modelling
  • NGI-GBV – Quantification of 3D effects on slope stability in QC terrain
  • Norwegian Space Agency – INSAR techniques for surveying of QC terrain
  • Use of ML techniques for site characterization
  • RFF – HIGELIG - High resolution Geophysical mapping of the quick clays in Gjerdrum
  • Impact of blasting vibrations on pore pressure build-up in QC (w/ SVV and BaneNor)

What will the center accomplish?

  • More targeted organization of related R&D proposals to national and international funding agencies
  • Increase the knowledge and raise awareness on quick clay
  • Increase the number of geotechnical students
  • Better coordination of activities among various stakeholders in Norway and internationally

> The center thereby directly responds to the suggestions outlined in Gjerdrumutvalgets second report (NOU) as presented on March 28, 2022

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The center’s organization

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