Reliable data on ground conditions reduces COSTs and risks

Inadequate site investigations can result in wrong choice of foundation solutions, incorrect dimensioning of foundations, inappropriate and dangerous implementation of groundworks as well as damage to both neighbouring buildings and the new building itself. They can also lead to oversized and therefore unnecessarily costly foundations.

NGI - specialised expertise and development of equipment and methods

NGI's specialist expertise covers

  • engineering properties of soil
  • assessing the extent of necessary ground investigations for determining geotechnical dimensioning parameters
  • interpretation of in situ and laboratory experiments

Since its establishment in 1953, NGI has contributed to the development of equipment and methods for the optimum description of ground conditions. The development of thin-walled piston corers for taking undisturbed samples in soft clay is one example. There is also the development and use of probe methods such as auger, total and direct push probes.

Mobile ground drilling rigs with electronic transfer of data from the field

NGI has three modern mobile ground drilling rigs for drilling, sampling and in-situ testing. Data from in-situ testing can be transferred electronically direct from the field for postprocessing at NGI.

Research, development and model experiments

Research efforts in site investigations on land are currently focused on the following areas:

  • further development of in-situ methods
  • improvement of sample quality
  • correlation of soil parameters

In connection with site investigations, NGI also carries out field model experiments and instrumentation. We participate actively in the development of international standards and guidelines for site investigations and laboratory testing, based on new knowledge from client assignments and research carried out at NGI.