Our strategic goal is to extract more and better information from geophysical field and laboratory data, for instance by up-/downscaling resistivity and velocity data between field and laboratory results.

We offer the following services:

  • Rock physics¬†laboratory testing and analyses of borehole logs
  • Modelling, inversion and interpretation of geophysical field data (seismic, electromagnetism (EM), gravitation, surface/guided waves etc.)
  • Subsurface system identification and optimisation algorithms
  • Feasibility studies for innovative concepts and technologies
  • Integration of geophysics and geomechanics relating to:¬†

    - Pore pressure determination and 3D distribution
    - 3D geomechanical models
    - S-wave extraction for geomechanical/geotechnical application
    - 4D seismic combined with geomechanical properties and deformation.

NGI has a world-leading laboratory for standard geophysical characterisation and research facilities for more advanced petrological and geophysical testing. Our laboratory offers set-ups for velocity and resistivity measurements (axial and radial anisotropy), acoustic emissions and a CT scanner for visualising deformation and flow under experimental conditions.

Bergartsfysikk Triax CT CSEM

Triaxial cell in CT scanner (LEFT) and CSEM data inversion results from Sleipner CO2 injection reservoir (RIGHT)