NGI utilizes commercial and in-house software for geomechanical analyses and has laboratory facilities of high international standard.  Our laboratory holds equipment for standard geomechanical characterization as well as research facilities for specialized testing in rock physics, fracture mechanics and visualization of deformation and flow using Computer Tomography (CT) imaging.

Services for the industry:

  • Geomechanical testing and characterisation.  Standard and specialized laboratory testing and integration with logs, geophysics and field data.
  • Compaction and subsidence analysis. 2D and 3D geomechanical modelling of reservoir compaction and seafloor subsidence, and coupling of field scale models with 4D seismic and detailed models for wellbore and fault stability (see link to Production Related Geomechanics).
  • Wellbore stability and sand production analysis. Detailed analysis of wells in reservoir or caprock in combination with 2D/3D compaction and subsidence analysis.
  • Fracture mechanics, sealing and integrity of faults and caprock. Detailed analysis of fracture propagation and flow through caprock, sealed reservoir units and fault zones in combination with 2D/3D analysis of compaction and subsidence.

Research and Development:

NGI's current research is focused primarily on storage of CO2 in geological formations.  NGI is a partner in the national FME centre, SUCCESS and research project, PROTECT. NGI also has research activities within rock physics directly for industry and in close collaboration with University of Oslo (UiO) including exchange of PhD students.

Current research activities:
  • Rock physics and geophysical methods for monitoring CO2
  • Geomechanics relating to caprock integrity and leakage along faults in case of CO2 injection
  • Stress dependency and relationships between rock physical and geomechanical parameters
  • High pressure and high temperature (HPHT) deformation characteristics of sandstone and shale.
Current research projects in collaboration with other institutions: