Over the years NGI has become a unique knowledge hub for offshore geotechnics, foundation design and monitoring. With the arise of offshore wind energy, NGI's experience is sought-after by all major developers from both Europe, US and Asia.

Today, NGI is one of the leading suppliers to the Offshore Wind Energy Industry and has delivered numerous services to almost half of all offshore wind parks around the world. 



Geo-services spanning the full life cycle of an offshore wind development

  • Seabed characterization
    - Geological and geophysical mapping, integrated ground modelling, geohazard assessment
    - Offshore site investigation and in-situ testing supervision
    - Advanced geotechnical laboratory testing and interpretation
  • Geotechnical engineering
    - Export cable burial assessment and backfill liquefaction analysis
    - Concept foundation studies and physical model testing
    - Gravity base structure, piled jacket, monopile, suction bucket, and anchoring foundation system design
    - Soil-structure interaction analysis and global modelling
  • Foundation installation support
    - Installation planning and process optimization
    - Fit-for-purpose installation monitoring system design
    - Onsite support and supervision of foundation installation
  • Operational performance monitoring
    - Structural and environmental monitoring systems
    - Back-analysis of in-place performance
    - Follow up on lifetime monitoring
  • Life extension and decommissioning
    - Foundation integrity assessment
    - Reassessment of existing support structures
    - Geotechnical extraction and removal analysis