Site investigation and soil characterisation

  • Regional desktop geological studies and geohazard assessment
  • Planning and supervision of offshore in-situ testing and seabed sampling
  • Advanced laboratory testing and interpretation of geomaterial behaviour
NGI lab overview 700

Integrated geo-expertise

  • Detailed interpretation and integration of geophysical and geotechnical data
  • Development of site-wide and route specific ground models
  • Calibration of intelligent algorithms to provide synthetic CPT profiles
  • Foundation screening and optimization analysis
  • Detailed geohazard analysis including seismic and wave-induced liquefaction, sediment mobility and scour, and slope stability

Cyclic soil behaviour and material modelling

  • World-leading laboratory and model testing combining high capacity with research and development
  • Detailed interpretation of cyclic soil behavior and strength degradation and recovery through whole life response
  • Development of advanced constitutive soil models and software for use in geotechnical analysis.