Specialised expertise in offshore site investigations

NGI's specialist expertise covers

  • planning of offshore site investigations
  • interpretation of in situ and laboratory experiments
  • understanding of soil behaviour
  • selection of design parameters for foundation engineering and geohazard problems

Since the start of Norwegian oil and gas activities, NGI has built up comprehensive expertise in offshore site investigations and foundation engineering. In addition to marine geological information, available geophysical data are used to plan the actual investigations.  These consist of drilling, sampling and in situ testing (penetrating probes into the seabed) from specially designed drilling vessels.

Offshore gr unders  Fugro Synergy2 800

Fugro Synergy is specially designed for offshore seabed soil investigations

Laboratory tests - extensive lab capacity at NGI

Laboratory tests on the samples retrieved are especially important and NGI has extensive laboratory capacity and staff with extensive expertise and experience in this area.

Research and development

NGI's current challenges and research in offshore site investigations and designparameters are concerned With::

  • developing improved sampling methods (Deep water sampler, Box corer)
  • interpreting in situ tests in very soft sediments in deep water
  • assessing sample disturbances by measuring shear wave velocity and sample suction
  • correlations between index parameters and design parameters
  • the effect of temperature on laboratory measurements: important both for sediments in deep water and for Arctic conditions
  • site investigation strategy for ultra-deep water (>3000 m)

Development of international standards

NGI participates actively in the development of international standards and guidelines for site investigations and laboratory testing, based on new knowledge from own experience and R&D..

International courses and technology transfer to offshore industry

NGI contributes to international courses in the subject and offers technology transfer programmes to the offshore industry.