Through more than 40 years active involvement in offshore oil and gas industry projects from all around the world, NGI became a unique knowledge hub for offshore geotechnics, foundation design and monitoring. With the arise of offshore wind energy more than two decades ago, NGI's experience was sought-after by all major developers from both Europe, US and Asia. Today, NGI is one of the leading suppliers to the Offshore Wind Energy Industry and has delivered numerous services to almost half of all offshore wind parks around the world. Also beyond Offshore Wind, NGI knowledge is requested in the offshore renewables energy – more recently by tidal and wave energy developers.




  • Field and site investigation comprising detailed planning of site investigation program, offshore on-site support, evaluation of geophysical data, and standard and advanced laboratory testing
  • Processing of site and soil data and establishing design profiles
  • Foundation design comprising concept and feasibility study, FEED design, detailed foundation design
  • Development, and proof of concept of new foundation concepts, and enhance these to maturity phase
  • Installation support of Foundations
  • Testing of foundations
  • Short and long-term monitoring of soils and foundations

Research and Development

As a leading research and consultancy institute, NGI is actively involved in R&D projects, both in national and international programs, as well as in contractual research project for industry partners. In cooperation with NTNU, NGI hosts several PhD students enabling them to follow closely ongoing projects and by that spanning the gap between academia and practical needs.