NGI's laboratories in Oslo and Houston are two world leading centers for geotechnical testing and interpretation. Examples of services and types of experiments which can be provided are

Our two labs in Oslo and Houston collaborate closely, exchanging expertise, experience and capacity in order to provide fit-for-purpose, timely and cost-effective services to our clients. Our custom designed testing equipment and in-house software allow a level of control over our test devices not possible with most commercial software, with automation allowing operation with fewer staff and fast turnaround time.

In addition, special tests and model experiments are developed as required, in cooperation with the client. Experiment types, equipment and test procedures are carefully selected for the soil and rock type and the assessment needs for the applicable situation.

Research and development

The combination of a high level of expertise and high-quality equipment provides a unique basis for new developments. New types of experiments for rock and soil are developed and new experimental procedures are tested. The main objective is to identify the most relevant soil or rock parameters that describe how the soil or rock sample will behave in the relevant situation and load condition.

Research is currently being conducted in:

  • DSS equipment
  • Acoustic measurement
  • automation of various types of experiment

In 2012 the Schmertmann Research Laboratory (SRL) opened at NGI in Oslo. This is a geotechnical research laboratory with advanced testing equipment, where the purpose is to study fundamental behaviour of soil under different loads. The SRL laboratory will attract researchers and students from all over the world.

NGI's soil mechanics laboratory has been accredited by Norwegian Accreditation in accordance with NS

EN ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation details may be viewed here.