NGI has the necessary expertise for a multidisciplinary approach to these challenges and the consequences that follow. 

NGI's expertise includes:  

  • Identifying potentially exposed water courses using the latest tools 
  • Interdisciplinary research on the effect of precipitation on landslides and other natural hazards 
  • Consequence assessments on the effect of climate change on water run-off and water courses 
  • Numerical modelling of floods and debris flows
  • Flood mitigation measures 

Range of services offered by NGI within this field: 

  • Flood-zone mapping 
  • Flood calculations 
  • Flood flow modellering 
  • Hydraulic analysis and dimensioning of culvert-/pipe solutions 
  • Dimensioning of mitigation measures 
  • Erosion protection (both conventional and nature-based solutions) 
  • Early warning systems 
  • Instrumentation and monitoring related to natural hazards 
  • Analysis of regional and local effects of climate change and in particular how natural hazards and their associated risks will evolve in time to come 

Research and development 

NGI has, over many years, been project manager for and participated in large international research projects related to natural hazards and climate change. In the research centre Klima2050 efforts are made in reducing community risk related to increased rainfall and flooding. The EU project PHUSICOS demonstrates how nature-based solutions can prove to be robust and sustainable solutions for risk reduction related to increased rainfall in mountainous regions.