In NGI Digital we do green field development in the cloud. We’ve built a new architecture and technology stack from the ground up using state-of-the-art technology. This has led to an increase in development productivity, while at the same time having very little technical debt.

All of our services are built in Azure and run in Kubernetes where we build modular solutions based on microservices. For the back end development we use Python as the preferred programming language, while we aim to standardize the front end development using React/Next.js. We focus on continuous integration and automation for the continuous deployment and delivery of new releases to our end users. We’ve implemented a set of infrastructure support tools that amongst others allow for profiling, error tracing, monitoring and authentication.

The developers in NGI Digital are given autonomy and freedom to test out new technology and are constantly evaluating and introducing new technologies to our stack. We also work with many different tools that support and enable data science and machine learning, as well as map libraries such as OpenLayers, Leaflet and Geographical Information System (GIS).  


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