NGI Live – Internet of Things (IoT) solution for monitoring of critical infrastructure

Advanced sensors and IoT-solutions are increasingly being utilized for the purpose of automatically gathering data from buildings, constructions and ground conditions in major infrastructure projects. Through the use of different sensors, the solutions can monitor parameters such as water pressure, vibrations, contamination and movement in the ground, and notify in order to prevent unwanted incidents.

NGI Live is NGI’s newly developed cloud based solution for remote sensor monitoring and surveillance. Sensor data is being transmitted securly to the cloud for processing, quality control and calculation. Data is stored in well defined data models and can be accessed through APIs. Through a web based portal, the customers can monitor their data live, perform analysis, download the data and set alarms on the time series. Since the solution is built in a modular way and on a modern architecture in the cloud, it can handle large volumes of data and offer a wide variety of functionality such as live data feeds and digital twins. 

NGI Live 1 450


Field Manager – web based solution for supporting field investigations

Field manager 5 450

A key part of many of our projects are the geotechnical field investigations, during which data is being collected from given geographical locations through a variety of different investigative methods. Field manager is a cloud and web based tool that supports various stages of a project, from planning the field investigations and gathering of the raw geodata, to processing, quality assuring and storing the data in a structured way on a modern data platform.

Through Field manager, all the various stakeholders involved in the project get live insight into the ongoing work and immediate access to results from the investigations. This increases predictability and improves the quality and efficiency of the whole work flow. 


AutoLab – automating advanced lab tests

AutoLab2 450

A vital input to any geotechnical interpretation is the result of laboratory tests from soil and rock samples, collected during field investigations. A key set of these laboratory tests are so-called advanced lab trials (e.g. Direct Simple Shear, Triaxial, Constant Rate of Strain) where a given sample undergoes various machine tests over time in order to determine its properties. AutoLab is a web and cloud based tool that supports and automates the processing of the data from these lab tests. The lab technicians upload data from the test machines, conduct quality control, and perform various advanced calculations, visualize the results and produce final deliverables to internal and external customers.

AutoLab offers complete end-to-end workflow support for the technicians, with full insight into and control over the the process, needed amongst others to pass the rigorous accreditation which the NGI lab is known for globally.  


Other examples

In addition to the above mentioned solutions, NGI Digital develops many other solutions in close cooperation with the different market areas at NGI:

  • Tool for interpretation of Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs) and shear strength
  • Tool for the automatic classification, storage and presentation of environmental data
  • Tool for registering, georeferencing and storing of project metadata
  • Web- and search based portal for the reuse of geodata, across market areas and geographical locations
  • Tool for collecting, processing and visualizing InSAR data
  • Tool for modelling and calculating used for offshore wind projects
  • Tool for snow avalanche warning, and the analysis and evaluation of natural hazards
  • Map technology, advanced data visualization and 3D modelling
  • Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence for new ways of interpreting and analysing data
  • New tools for sharing data with our customers, partners and the research community.