This means that BIM involves 3D modelling of what is to be designed, built or operated, where the information contained in the model provides a decision basis and guidelines for the relevant phase. The models are also updated during the projects, so that they exist both through the design and construction phases and through the operational phase.

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Within BIM, there are concepts and designations for different degrees of dimensions, where the following levels are the most common:

  • 3D BIM: The lowest level primarily includes the 3D model with associated information
  • 4D BOS: At this level you also take in the time aspect, ie. that the project can be planned in time or that the life cycle is part of the model
  • 5D BIM: In addition to time, costs for construction / operation also come into the model
  • 6D BIM: For a model at this level, aspects related to sustainability are also included
  • 7D BIM: The top level means that operation / maintenance of the modelled element is also planned and controlled as part of the model.