Geovita and NGI have the pleasure of inviting you to part 4 in a series of webinars on BIM modelling for subsurface structures and ground conditions. The focus of the fourth webinar is engineering geological design for rock cuts and geometric input data for FEM-calculations.  


First, there is a presentation about how to use a 3D model to plan and follow up a new rock cut during the construction phase. Modelling a sliding surface for numerical analysis is demonstrated. Insights on future digitalization/automation in rock cut construction is also mentioned.  

Next, a demonstration of how the workflow for performing geotechnical calculations can be made more efficient. We see how one can create geotechnical cross sections and then perform FEM calculations with the resulting geometries with only a few clicks, even for countless cross sections.  


  • Welcome - Magnus Rømoen
  • 3D modelling for planning and construction follow-up of rock cut - Jessica Ka Yi Chiu and Tom F. Hansen
  • Automatizing geotechnical FEM calculations from start to end – Eirik Nilsen
  • Summary/round up - Magnus Rømoen

Learning objectives 

  • How a 3D model can be used for planning of a new rock cut 
  • How to model and update a sliding surface based on 3D data from field and digital mapping 
  • How to efficiently create many geotechnical cross sections 
  • How to automize geotechnical FEM calculations. 

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