NGI has developed into an industry leader in BIM modelling for geotechnics, engineering geology and environmental technology. This development has been divided into two different directions:

  • Modeling of soil materials, rocks and ground pollution
  • Modeling of ground construction works, construction elements and measures in connection with building and construction projects.

Digital presentation of groundworks

Ground investigations form the basis for all modelling and analysis of soil and rock behaviour and spreading of ground pollution and contamination. Together with experience-based assessments and advanced analyses, the modelling tools help recreate a digital representation of the prevailing conditions.

The digital representation enables a simple and clear communication to the client and other stakeholders of the present knowledge of the prevailing ground conditions at the project site. It also helps to communicate what level of detail and accuracy you have on the knowledge, where there are large uncertainties and where there is a need for supplementary soil investigation.

The modelling of construction elements and measures includes dynamic and detailed presentation of support structures, ground reinforcement, tunnel protection, terrain interventions and other "geo-measures". These modelling and resulting graphical presentations contain not only the geometry, but also information about materials, workmanship etc. The modelling also forms the basis for assessments of, among other things, costs, progress, carbon footprint, etc.

All modelling is performed in a dynamic process, and develop together with the project. This means that additional information, supplements and changes can be cost-effectively incorporated into the models. The models thus also provide a very good basis and good support for the decisions and assessments made during the project.

BIM webinars

Together with our close partner, Geovita AS, we have throughout the autumn of 2020 arranged several webinars to inform and show the possibilities for BIM within the geosciences.

The webinars are available through NGI's youtube channel.