Research activities at Fonnbu

Fonnbu has since its inception in 1973, been used for the collection of base data on weather and snow conditions, and to the monitoring of avalanches in the area. In addition, Fonnbu is located near the full scale experimental avalanche path Ryggfonn, only a few kilometres further down in the Grasdalen. Fonnbu is therefore used to accommodate the personnel and as a starting point for field tests.

The research about Fonnbu has since the start been characterized by international cooperation. Already in the 1970s foreign researchers had long periods with research here, and researchers from Austria are invited every year to attend the full scale field tests in Ryggfonn. At the opening of the New Fonnbu in 2006 more than 40 avalanche experts from Europe and America were present.

Avalanche warning

Every day during the winter NGI works out avalanche forecast alerts for individual sites in Norway. One of the alert areas is RV 15 of Strynefjellet. For this area, both the experiences from from many years at Fonnbu in all types of weather and data from the local weather station is important for the daily forecast alerts and for the development of and improved notification service.

Training courses

The field station is not only important in the NGI's avalanche research, but is also a location where avalanche experts and people interested in avalanches and avalanche research, both from Norway and abroad, can stay and operate for periods of time.
Countless avalanche courses and events have been held at Fonnbu, and the upgraded new station has made it perfect for courses and educational activities. Among others, Junior Colleges and Universities, Nortind, The Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Red Cross regularly have their courses here.