Solutions adopted

The research at NGI is performed on project assignments from the industry, through funding from The Research Council of Norway, participation and funding from the EU's research programmes (H2020), and through self financing. The results, represented as knew know-how and expertise, or new methods or technology, shall be relevant for the market and the society, and shall come to use and be applied when relevant in practical design and construction.

R&D within all four market areas

NGI practises R&D within all four market areas and technical disciplines. Of the annual basic allocation from the Research Council of Norway (NOK 27 million in 2017), around 40% is used for research into four defined strategic topics over a three-year period. The remainder is spent on specific research assignments over the year within the various technical disciplines.

The results from these projects are often used as feasibility studies for relevant topics and challenges faced by the industry and the authorities, and can subsequently result in major research assignments. The results from NGI's research activities are directly used in consultancy assignments and the design of new solutions.

International co-operation

We work closely with specialist communities and research centres both at home and abroad. Through the publication of research results, extensive lecturing activities, participation in expert committees and international expert panels, NGI actively contributes to sustainable development.

Broad technical expertise

NGI has expertise within geotechnics, other geosciences and associated fields such as mechanics, dynamics, applied mathematics, information technology, physics, chemistry and monitoring technology.

This knowledge coupled with NGI's extensive experience is crucial when researching new solutions. NGO continues to host international experts and researchers on scholarships and exchange visits.