NGI's laboratory and associated workshops and pilot facility for small-scale model experiments measure a total of 2,000 square metres. The laboratory is one of the cornerstones of our operation and represents the basis for many of NGI's areas of expertise.

We have laboratories for

  • soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering
  • rock mechanics - testing of rock samples
  • geo-environmental engineering and model testing.

In 2012 the Schmertmann Research Laboratory (SRL) opened at NGI. This is a geotechnical research laboratory with advanced testing equipment. The purpose is to study the fundamental behaviour of soil under different loads. The SRL laboratory will attract researchers and students from all over the world.

Lab-technical specialist expertise

  • Highly skilled laboratory personnel with extensive experience
  • Capacity to conduct multiple high-quality tests within an agreed time frame
  • Plan and implement model tests and experiments in the lab and in the Field, as a basis for the research and development of new solutions and analysis methods.

Data from laboratory tests is used to plan and design optimal foundation engineering solutions, assess stability and avalanche risk, as well as behaviour of reservoir rock and caprock in connection with oil and gas production and CO2 storage.

NGI's modern geo-environmental laboratory is equipped for organic and inorganic testing and analysis. We have extended experience in the design and execution of specialized tests and analysis to determine leaching of contaminants from soil, marine sediment and waste material.

The combination of a high level of expertise and quality equipment provides a unique basis for new developments. New types of experiments for rock and soil are developed and new experiment procedures are tested. The main objective is to identify the most relevant parameters that describe the conditions and situation for each specific case.


NGI's laboratory has been accredited by Norwegian Accreditation in accordance with NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation details may be viewed here.