Instrumentation and monitoring technology are increasingly used to monitor structures, processes and infrastructure under construction and during the operational phase in order to verify design and planning and detect events in order to reduce risk.

New technology, new opportunities

New technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be measured and monitored. In recent years it has been possible to transmit measurement data wirelessly and collect data from satellites. NGI's multidisciplinary and complementary team within instrumentation and monitoring is continuously developing new systems to assist clients in the challenges they face.

NGI's specialist expertise

  • instrumentation technology and choice of sensors and measuring methods for monitoring physical and mechanical processes
  • development of measuring systems, data transfer, data analysis and data presentation as well as warning and remote monitoring systems
  • knowledge about the behaviour of geotechnical and building materials, Natural hazards (landslides, rock fall and avalanches, and floods), contamination and climatic conditions

A diverse specialist community

With a diverse specialist community, not just within geoscience and instrumentation but also within machining and equipment development, information technology and physics, we have a unique basis for developing new methods for registering and monitoring physical and mechanical processes. Over the year, instrumentation and metrological monitoring have been used with great success for problem solving and as risk-reducing measures within multiple disciplines and markets.