Norway's leading geoscience expertise for industry and commerce

The ability to combine specialist expertise within the geosciences and a high level of complementary technical expertise enables NGI to offer a wide range of services. NGI carries out consultancy and consultancy assignments for private and public developers to assess soil conditions, concept studies and design for the planning and construction phases, both onshore and offshore.

Geotechnical Design Consultant

NGI has central approval as "Responsible designers" and "Responsible applicants" in enterprise classification 3 in accordance with the Planning and Building Act and is therefore a key adviser on foundation engineering and ground work within the construction and communication sectors.

International leader in offshore geotechnics

Since the 1970, NGI has developed an internationally leading role within offshore geotechnics, designing solutions for foundation engineering and anchoring structures offshore as well as assessment of risk and geohazards such as seabed stability and risk of leakage of ground gas, etc.

Evaluation of landslide and other natural hazards, and methods of prevention and mitigation

NGI is Norway's centre of landslide, rock fall and avalanche expertise, and our experts are relied on by the authorities in the event of major landslide, rock fall and avalanche incidents to assess risk, need for evacuation as well as propose protective and risk-reducing measures. Rockslides and landslides, subsea landslides in fjords and lakes and earthquakes can cause tidal waves (tsunami). NGI possesses world-leading expertise on how tidal waves are formed, develop and spread in fjords, lakes and oceans. And not least the power and inundation height when the wave reaches and hits land.

Clean-up of contaminated ground

NGI identifies solutions and assists the authorities and industry in the clean-up of contaminated soil, rocks, sediments and groundwater. Key expertise within environmental technology include surveys, monitoring, risk assessment, measures assessment and follow-up of clean-up of contaminated land, groundwater, sediments and acid-forming rock types. We also work on making use of waste and residual products, ground CO2 storage and environmental surveying of building and industrial sites.