• Period | 2011 - 2013
  • Country | Norway
  • Market | Natural Hazards
  • Project Manager | Andreas Aspmo Pfaffhuber
  • Client | Forskningsrådet
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Remote Mapping & Warning

Remote Mapping & Warning was initiated as a strategic R&D-program at NGI in 2011. The aim was to develop robust, efficient and non-destructive mapping methods to gain critical geotechnical and environmental parameters supporting NGI's geo-competence and services.
Results from this R&D program have been presented at various international Conferences and published in international journals.

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Assessment of those methods' potential for early warning systems and consequent implementation as such is a long-term goal extending the three-year project ending in 2013. The results from this research have been presented at various international conferences and published in scientific journals. We herein summarize important aspects of the knowledge acquired over the past three years.

A final seminar for the Remote Mapping & Warning project was held at NGI on the 20th November 2013. Links to the presentations (pdf) at the seminar can be found under "Reports and publications" (under the top picture on the grey line).

Remote Mapping and Warmning Schematics of methods within SP3 590

Schematics of methods and their major applications within SP3

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