The NorthWind centre is led and hosted by SINTEF, and NGI is one of five research partners together with NTNU, University of Oslo and NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research). NGI is mainly working on Work Package 1, Structures and Integrity, where NGI's Ana Page is the deputy leader.

The focus for Work Package 1 are:

  • improved methods for prediction of interactions between environmental loads, soil and structure
  • decision support platform for lifetime prediction
  • cost-effective serial production of substructures

Four designated research tasks have been chosen:

  1. Environmental loads and response modelling
    - hydrodynamic load models, site investigation methodologies and soil structure interaction and integrity
  2. Integrated design assessment and optimization
    - multi-scale aero-hydro-servo-elastic modelling and reliability-based structural design optimization
  3. Lifetime, performance, and integrity
    - precision in degradation models
  4. Fabrication
    - cost-effective mass production by automation and optimised and light-weight design and materials for secondary structures

For more information about the North Wind centre, work packages, participants and results from the research, please consult the NorthWind webpage.

The NorthWind annual report for 2021 can be seen here.