GeoFuture will offer a complete integration of geotechnical calculations with handling of geotechnical data, selection of input parameters for analysis and 3D visualisation. Computer programs for stability, settlement, piles, excavation and bearing capacity calculations will be developed through the project. 3D calculations will exist for all five computer programs, so that the user will be able to choose to perform the calculation in 1D, 2D or 3D. GeoFuture will deliver a complete and seamless solution for life cycle management of 3D data with the development of a new and open 3D data model. A Knowledge-based system for assisting the practicing engineer to assess and verify geotechnical parameters and calculation results is also developed through the project.

GeoFuture is a Norwegian research project financed by the Norwegian Research Council. The project has a budget of 22,4 mill. NOK (approx. 2,75 mill. Euro) and the project period was from 2011 to 2015. 12 partners participated in the project, representing industry, research institutions and public organisations. The partners include Skanska, Norconsult, Multiconsult, GeoVita, Vianova Systems, Vianova GeoSuite, AutoGRAF-föreningen, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norwegian National Rail Administration, NTNU, SINTEF Byggforsk and NGI.

At the end of the GeoFuture project, methods and tools will exist to integrate 3D calculations within a complete 3D visualisation, based on advanced soil models for different foundation problems for the building, construction and transport industry. The main objective is a user friendly and seamless tool for geotechnical calculations and design, which will be commercialised through the existing framework of GeoSuite Toolbox.